The fairy lady [Archives:2008/1203/Community]

October 30 2008

By: Mofeed Al-gaad
[email protected]

In an isolated place I was sleeping

Peacefully and safely my head tossing/moving

With the coming of the bright moon I dream

By bright beam removes heart's gloom

A wind comes softly hovering

Sentimental emotions were bearing

And entering the room without knocking

Within its lap my lady comes

Around the room spreading pleasure and tenderness

Like a rainbow in front of me she stands

And attracts my attention by her various colors

What physical charms she possesses

From the bright wide eyes soft light shines

Attracts every one sight even the blinds

Her cheeks like two apples to eat

Her lips like a red red rose

Fascinating and forcing me to do no thing but to stare

Oh, what spiritual and intellectual virtues my lady has

Making me stand a mute before

Modesty and simplicity toward others she cares

Well-manners and honesty no one characterize but her

Like India my fairy lady looks

With several languages she speaks

And to the heart she inspires

The love language to combine

Ultimately she leaves with gentle pride

Leaving heart in a separated side