The Free Black People Charitable Society Declared Soon [Archives:2001/30/Local News]

July 23 2001

A group of marginalized young black people is soon founding a charitable society for the so-called Akhdam in Al-Hujarayah, Taiz, Maqaterah, and Luhj. The society aims at, resisting social discrimination, defending human rights, etc.
“One of the priorities of the society will be fighting discrimination against the black people who owing to prevalence of ignorance and backwardness are still looked down upon by society,” Mohammed Al-Qeiraai, Chairman of the preparatory committee told the Al-Thawri newspaper. He said that the society would also concentrate on fighting illiteracy, unemployment, oppression, protecting the rights of the marginalized people, etc. Denying any affiliation to any political parties he expressed his hope that the society would attract the attention of many social sectors.
It is expected that the society will attract many marginalized people al over the country.