The French present humanitarian services in Yemen [Archives:2004/738/Last Page]

May 17 2004

By Yemen Times Staff
Taiz Bureau

Wednesday, 12 May 2004- The French DIA organization, part of its humanitarian services in Yemen, launched its new water projects in the Al-Ghurafy and Zageria regions, in the province of Mocca. These two regions, like many other regions, suffer from water shortages and total absence of state funded services. The citizens have to walk long distant in order to bring water.
The speeches delivered, during the inauguration ceremony held at the Illiteracy Eradication Center, praised the noble stances of DIA organization in responding to the citizens' plight by launching two projects to drill water wells in the two targeted regions. The projects include erecting two water tanks with two water-pumping rooms from the wells, with capacity of 200 cubic meters for each tank. Nearly 15 scattered villages in the two regions with about 3000 residents will benefit of the two projects.
“DIA organization will seek to achieve its humanitarian message through similar projects aiming at ameliorating the situation of people”, said Mr. Jean Lows Have, the technical coordinator at DIA. He confirmed that DIA would enhance relations with people in other rehabilitation and training projects.
Mr. Jean Lows, in a statement to Yemen Times, said that the cost of the two projects and the training courses is more than 300,000 Euro, presented by the Humanitarian Assistant Office of the EU (ECHO), under the supervision and implementation of DIA Organisation.
“DIA is launching at the same time training courses in the fields of administration and accounting in the same regions”, said Ms. Raja Nasser, the Project Training Official at DIA. She called on parents to encourage their children to enroll in courses, which would assist them in gaining the knowledge and know-how for their futures.