The General association tobacco The annual meeting for NCTM [Archives:2003/630/Local News]

April 7 2003

The General assembly for National Company for Tobacco and Matches held its annual meeting in Hada Hotel headed by Mr. Tawfeeq Saleh, the chairman of board directors.
Mr. Tawfeeq said that the profits of the company last year were about YR 1,713,440,00 indicating that the increase in sales and revenues represent firmly and continuously success and the company powerful financial status.
He also displayed the contributions that the company offers representing in supporting the youthful and sport clubs besides adapting various developmental programs in which 139 computers are distributed to different governmental universities, schools, and associations in different governorates.
Through the meeting they listened to the report of finance auditors about the general budget and the final accounts of the company and the factory for the fiscal year of 2002.
Chairman and members of board of directors took their responsibility for all things related to the revenues of the last fiscal year. The board of directors was authorized to nominate a finance director for 2003.
The company is one of the biggest supporters for the sport activities as well as it establishes dam in the capital.