The Government Declares War On Citizens [Archives:2001/32/Focus]

August 6 2001

Jalal Al-Shara’abi
It seems that the unconditional surrender of the Yemeni government to the merciless resolutions of the International Monterey Fund and the World Bank will cause an undeclared war against ordinary citizens and an eruption of a revolution by starving people who will pour into the streets searching for tiny pieces of bread to feed on.
The government nowadays is implementing destructive procedures without comprehending the consequences of such an unreasonable neglect of ordinary citizens. Just going ahead with its so-called economic reforming programs, which have not done Yemenis any favors but have rather laid the foundation for more poverty and capitalism to dominate the workforce and society at large. The helpless find no other way to obtain food except from the rubbish barrels scattered here and there, and make the rough ground their most comfortable bed.
The government is still continuing its doses of starvation in response to the World Bank counsels, and then all of a sudden announces a new increase in the diesel price at the rate of 70%. Conducting such a procedure without introduction is a clear slight on the Yemeni people, who now have to adapt themselves to pay the bills of government corruption, while day after day things are going from bad to worse.
The reality is that World Bank intervention could never stop this level of starving the people but will go further with its doses until they reach oil, bread, drugs, accommodation, and the everyday lives of the Yemeni people, in a way that is not much different to what happened in the Sudan and other countries.
For implementing the conditions of the World Bank the government declares war on ordinary citizens by sending the armed forces onto the streets to attack helpless and starving demonstrators.
Frankly speaking, I should say that the popular state has already reached a critical point and that no other force can intervene to save the innocent souls of the people besides a destructive revolution erupting not only in the streets but reaching government buildings as well. Then, police cudgels and the breakable pledges of the government will be useless. The outcome is nothing less than a bloody confrontation, to be paid for only by innocent people. The government should be aware of the coming tempest before it is much too late.