The government program for expatriatesEffective development partnership between government & the expatriate [Archives:2003/642/Business & Economy]

June 19 2003

Mahyoub Al-Kamaly
The Yemen government program has specified a number of goals for the welfare and taking care of the expatriates. The main purposes of the program are to keep communication with them in the coming period, get acquainted with their problems to help them to solve those problems in coordination with the foreign and the expatriates' affairs ministries and the administrative bodies of the communities abroad.
The government has given its pledge to intensify its communication with the expatriates for enhancing efforts of preserving the cultural identity of the Yemenis abroad and supporting and encouraging educational and cultural activities of the centers and clubs of the Yemeni communities.
The government program stipulated on its participation in holding exhibitions and artist and literary festivals in addition to providing newspapers and publications. It also aims at engaging the expatriates in reviving national occasions held in the country. The government has also promised to allocate enough space for the expatriates in the information plan map for presenting broadcasting and TV programs specially beamed to the expatriates. The program included extension of the Yemeni satellite TV channel to all countries where Yemeni expatriates are living with the aim of keeping them in contact with their home. The government has also mentioned in its program that it would work for enabling the administrative bodies of the Yemeni communities to activate their role in serving he expatriates and effect an integration of both official and popular efforts in this regard. The program also aims at developing and strengthening the expatriates' position and protecting their interests in the countries where they are living.
One of the significant articles in the government program concerning the expatriates is promoting for investment in Yemen to achieve an effective development partnership between the expatriate and his homeland, taking into account the guarantees of their rights connected to investment. Yemen's government in its program has also promised to offer all necessary facilities to the expatriates, mainly the protection of their properties in their home country, following up their rights in some countries and to work for restoring them in cooperation with international bodies and organizations.
The government also says that it pins much hope on the expatriates' capitals for attracting them to investment in vital projects in the free zone and to accelerate the pace of investment operations in the country.