The Great Leap of The Great People: Hayel Saeed Group’s Nonstop Success [Archives:2000/03/Business & Economy]

January 17 2000

Moneer H. Saif
We are aware of the distinctive feature of globalization: “there will be survival of the fittest”. it reflects the worldwide integration of economies and markets through trade, financial flows, and cross-cultural currents. Trade as well as industrialization is the engine of globalization. so HSA group realize this fact and worked on to achieve a successful leap for themselves and the whole nation. Not only this, they establish markets outside to ensure awareness of conforming ability to join the global market successfully as the whole world are pushed by force into globalization.
It becomes a fact that the Group is the largest private employer in Yemen, and when talking about them that indicates a lot of success in the world of business today. Great achievements fulfilled by this group emphasized the good quality of its products-as a manufacturer. A lot of business projects have successfully established despite great challenges and obstacles it faces. The group has been involved in distributing a wide range of its products of various kinds. Moreover, they broadened their successful business projects to reach as many countries throughout the world as possible.
However, the local market has a strong manufacturing base and its products succeeded in laying a trustful bridge to reach all customers.
No one denies the important role has played by this group in the field of manufacturing and trade in Yemen. Industrialization has been highly developed by them when compared with some countries of the area. To ensure the best quality of manufacturing, most productive companies, which they had been recently, given the (ISO).
I believe that Globalization will give opportunity to the giants but the weak business institutions will not find a fit place for them. I believe in the capability of HSA group to take up a great leap to invade the global market. Still, the whole employees belong to this group must be conversant with the globalization fact and be alert to that: “globalization is the baffling speed of communication on information highways and the revolutionary computer hardware and software technology, which have turned the gentle winds of the ‘global Village’ into a hurricane”. 
The whole employees have to believe in developing the national products and services. Then they have to work hard taking into consideration the success of the nation lies in the success of its national capital. In addition, it is a must to build a trust, among us, of the national production seeking for decisive solutions to lift all restrictions imposed upon it. After, we should tend carefully towards Globalization and firstly.