The greater bird of paradise [Archives:2008/1199/Community]

October 16 2008

By: Fuad Noman
[email protected]

Whilst mournful silence slays my cry,

In the blind nights, the tears of winter dry

Heaven's souls own the greatest influence

On the holy land and this unfair existence

Comrade, Mahmoud

The only Greatest Pen of Resistance

Fighting unfair death

Scorned off the birth of evil's injustice

Inspiring men of freedom and independence

Oh Mahmoud, you never died

Our nation buried in an unheard graveyard

Your astute heart embraced the honor of the sky

The celestial manuscript has chosen

Thy white soul

The greater bird of paradise

As you were born on this universe

The giant of word and verse

In full swing, uncertain and timorous clouds

Shedding bleeding rain

The Shaft of light is drowned

A nightmare shackling my dream's demarche

Swayed and fallen on ground

In my homeland

Barren nights and drought days

Arabism in the corridors of loss

A banner of peace is ruptured in gross

In your creativity of life

Only you could crush death, Mahmoud

Thou art the prudence of time

In your clandestine land

The art of your heartache painted

The silhouette of a grapevine

The nectar of your verse engraved

The seas' rhyme

Your heart's patina can still shine

In thy soul's meadow you planted

The tree of olive and lime

Will the poets' pride die?

This wondering I deny

No way, I am not excellent at lament

I will not lament you for good

Swollen with pride of your soul

Oh Mahmoud, You never died

Our nation buried in an unheard graveyard

The echo of skies

Reciting your lament hymns:

Oh King of death

“Why do you prolong the agony negotiation?””

“”If I died