The Innocence of Childhood [Archives:2009/1221/Community]

January 1 2009

Mohammed Shujaa Aldeen
[email protected]

Innocence radiates from their eyes and smiles, yet laughter resounds wherever they go, and through all this the pain of nostalgia lives inside them. They don't have fun like other children, and their sorrow grows within them, their pains get greater if they fail to secure their daily meal. They reach out their hands to other people without tiredness, while being hit and insulted. Any means to get a little money. Only some of them go to school; their friends deride them, and some are even ill-treated by their teachers. Their life is a tragedy. Poverty, high prices, and their family are the major causes of this crisis, which upsets our nation when they became such obvious beacons of poverty, in the markets, at traffic lights, by hospitals and in gardens.

They lack compassion, sympathy, and the warmth of their fathers and mothers. Where are you fathers?? Where are you mothers?? The future of your children is in your hands – don't forsake them.

Prompt them to learn, for education is the only way to save them from this position, as indeed the prophet Mohammed, may Allah have peace upon him, said: “Learn form the cradle to the grave.””