The International Day of Population The population Policy [Archives:2001/29/Health]

July 16 2001

Have you seen the quick spreading of arbitrary construction in the Yemeni rural and urban areas. My dear reader, have you ever thought deeply, even for only one month or may be two months about the arbitrary and random construction of buildings in the main cities which has planning offices in the Ministry of Construction. The question here is what about the villages which are not attached to each other? We can therefore, call them not villages but cities lacking in the main facilities and services like streets, traffic lights, companies and commercial agencies. Unfortunately, there aren’t any clean streets, fresh air is completely polluted, bad smells come out from the main streets and the narrow alleys, sewage flow to the foundations of the houses. As a result of the huge construction, we observe that the schools become fewer and fewer in number. Some schools gain some extra classes and public services, while in other regions nothing have been achieved yet. In front of all these transitions, the state finds itself in a sudden and confused situation which are not taken into consideration. This can be attributed to a number of reasons, not reporting on time about each area after making a thorough study in the report of the annual increase of the number of the students. If we disregard what is happening around us as misuse the agricultural lands it results in the distortion in the beauty of nature. We will find ourselves as if we were in a crematory or a swamp, nobody will save us from such tangled and confused situations. We have to be initiative and to have a deep insight of the future starting from instructing the consumption and stopping growing qat especially in these years in which there is no rain at all in most parts of the country. People are in urgent need to water, we see them everywhere looking for a drop of water. What is happening around us is something terrible. It is strange to see these situations as they are. We need CHANGE in every aspect of life. There should be a comprehensive reform for the current situations in which we have to concentrate on increasing in human resources in modern times. The construction of houses have also to be considered. We as educated people, have to do our best in putting an end to abuses or mall-practices or by introduce better procedures in constructing houses.