The Internet: It is Not a Game. It is a New World! [Archives:1999/27/Last Page]

July 5 1999

Unfortunately, many Yemenis today think that the Internet is some kind of a game that children play with and enjoy. These people are mostly the ones who have never used a computer in their lives. What they hear from the printed and electronic media makes them get the impression that it is just a graphical interface with cartoons, pictures, and such stuff. When asked why not learn about the Internet, these people respond by statements like “Who wants to play with the Internet anyway?”
The reason behind the little knowledge these people have about the Internet is the ignorance of the official media to this important service. The internet has become an essential part of any company trying to meet the requirements of our era. This is the era of information, and if an organization was to compete in it, it should have the Internet installed and integrated into its system. If information in a company was not presented in the easiest, fastest, cheapest, and most interactive manner, it will definitely miss an important factor for success. Even though Yemen Times Online ( is by far – as statistics indicate – the most widely read Yemeni site on the Internet, and due to our realization of the its importance, we are yet committed to doing more. We are planning to make many new enhancements to the site, and perhaps add an online merchandise directory. We are also planning to bring about a very important change to the site. It is the addition of visual and sound contents. Indeed, Yemen Times Online will soon include video and audio clips. It will be a big leap towards realizing the power of the Internet and doing our best to use it. After all, the Internet is not a game, it is a totally new world full of chances and opportunities. I hope the others would realize this and get themselves involved before it is too late.
Walid Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf,