The Italian Hostages Released, but WHAT NEXT? [Archives:2000/26/Front Page]

June 26 2000

Even though Alberto Alession, the Italian archeologist kidnapped 10 days ago was released, the fear of continuing kidnapping incidents still remains. The signing of the border treaty between Saudi Arabia and Yemen is seen by many analysts as holding the key towards strengthening security in Yemen.
In his speech during the cabinet meeting to discuss the treaty and approve it, the President emphasized the importance of combatting terrorism and kidnapping.
“The UK and Yemen enjoy a very strong relationship, but the travel ban by the UK can not be lifted unless tangible action by the government is taken to stabilize the country, justifying that there is no more reason for continuing the ban,” a source close to the British Embassy said to Yemen Times.
“We are not demanding that the government does more than it can do, but at least show that it is in control of the situation,” said Peter Ferdinand, one of the companions of the Norwegian diplomat kidnapped and killed two weeks ago. “We believe that the President is focused on having a new beginning. There is a strong determination to get Yemen out of its current conditions in terms of economy and security. He has confirmed that the main objective of the ruling party and government should be getting rid of corruption and strengthening security. Unless those two fields are taken seriously, I see little hope for Yemen’s future.” Dr. Mohamed Abdulmajeed Al-Qubaty told Yemen Times.