The Jewish Influence Over the Mass Media and the International Institutions [Archives:2001/23/Focus]

June 4 2001

Fahmy Almamary
How did the Jews succeed in brainwashing the world public opinion, especially the Americans and the Europeans, and how did the repugnant, ugly and unsightly Jewish image change into the one of intelligent, brave, diligent and talented personality? In my opinion they did so because of their influence over the international mass media. Actually, they have recognized the importance of money and of the mass media in shaping the world public opinion. They started controlling the global mass media in 1869 and one of their prominent rabbis delivered a speech saying “If the gold is our first force to dominate the world, the press and the mass media should be the second.” Then they held a conference in Switzerland in 1897 known as Basle Conference to establish the state of Israel supported by mass media. It is not strange, to find in their protocols a statement stipulating that “We are going to be responsible for the press and media and we should encourage the immoral and bad people to be in charge of press affairs and then if they don’t listen to or follow our instructions, we will disclose their scandals and immoral acts.”No doubt, such statements are part of their dirty plan included in their protocols.

The Fabulous Holocaust
During the second World War a lot of Jews were burnt to death and killed mercilessly as the Jews themselves claim. So the global mass media owned by them played a great role in making the Americans and Europeans sympathize with them. The Jews were very clever to exploit that sensitive issue to gain support, sympathy, and help from the west. They publicized what Hitler did to them and exaggerated the killings, atrocities, massacres that happened to them. Consequently, they gained a lot of important advantages as a result of what was committed against them. Some of these are: (1) Changing the world public opinion, especially that of the Americans and the European towards them. (2) Evoking the American and Europeans sympathy to accept the Zionist project in Palestine. (3) Sympathy for the Jews didn’t take into consideration the plight of the Palestinian people.

The news agencies and the journalism
The Jews were very interested in controlling and dominating the news sources in the world. The news agency “Reuters” was established by Julius Reuter who was a Jew from Germany and the news agency “Hafas” was established by French Jew in France in 1835 which later became the official news agency of France. A millionaire Robert Mirdokh, a Jew of Australian origin bought “The Times” published from London with 34 million dollars and owns “The Sunday Times” along with three British Magazines. One of these publishes exclusively pornographic and licentious articles and has circulation of more than 3.7 million copies a week. It is well known that Mirdokh’s activity is not only confined to Britain but also widespread in Europe in general and in Australia, Canada and America in particular. The newspapers owned and dominated by the Jews in American are the New York Times, the Washington Post and the New York Post. The two magazines, the Times and News Week, are considered the most wide-spread and highly influential magazines, not only in America but in the world. In France the Jews own the most famous newspapers and magazines and have crossed all bounds of decency in publishing a newspaper titled as “The Jewish People” . One of them wrote an article in it saying “We are not Germans or English or French. Our identity is known, we are Jews and your Christian beliefs are not our beliefs. We are a special nation. Therefore, we are refusing to be fused together.” Such writings reveal very clearly how strong and influential the Jews are in France. They don’t hesitate harming and insulting even the people whom they like. They can punish whoever dares to harm them. So when the publisher of the newspaper “The Restricted France” criticized them in 1939, he was imprisoned and his newspaper was closed down.

Cinema and Theater
The Free Christian newspaper in America published an article in 1938 saying “The cinema-making in America is entirely run by the Jews.” Some statistics indicate that more than 90% of the staff working in the field of the cinema are Jews. They produce, direct, act and also do the filming. It is well known that Hollywood is handled by them and is targeted to help spread vice, depravity, harlotry etc. In Britain a Jew called Lovont owns 280 movie houses. A film on ‘Hitler’ was prevented from being shown by Lovont because the film was not well-prepared to criticize Nazism.
The International television nets are under the control of the Zionist (such as NBC, CBS, ABC.) All these nets are chaired by the Jews and the most famous broadcasting station called the Voice of America is owned by a Jew, Robert Gholdman.

The Culture, Publications and Advertisement
Almost all publishing houses in the world are controlled by the Jews. More than 50% of the publishing houses and printing in America are under their control. In France, all French publishing houses have refused to publish the books “Between the Zionist Myth and the Israeli Politics” and “The file of the Zionism” was written by Garoudy, a famous French thinker. Their refusal came after Garoudy embraced Islam and faced a lot of troubles and harassments. He was even asked to stand trial for his two books written against Zionism. Oddly enough, the Garoudy’s last book “How did the Jewish People Develop” is being taught in same schools controlled by the Jews in America. Of course, that book written by him before being converted to Muslim. It expresses the doctrinal and historical rights of the Jews to settle down in Palestine. During elections in France, the Jews made a condition for support that the candidate who will adopt the book, “The History of the Jewish People” in the French educational curricula, will get their votes. Regarding advertisement, there are many advertisements designed to defame the personality and characters of Muslims and Arabs. Furthermore, one of their advertisements about ‘Soap’ says that this soap is excellent. It washes anything even Arabs and the Muslims. Their advertisements portray Muslims and Arabs as Bedouins, ignorant, greedy, dirty, libidinous, etc.

The International Organizations and Institutions
The Jews have their control over a lot of International organizations and institutions which are considered neutral in the eyes of the world. The United Nations Organization was established in 1946 in San Francisco, then shifted to New York where a lot of Jews live. The Security Council protects the security in the world, but in reality it serves the Jewish interests in the world. The Jewish communism block and the Zionist capitalism block have the right to veto any decision harming the interests of the Jews. Many International Organizations and Institutions which do not have political interest or affiliation are also under the control of the Jews. Some of these are The Universal Organization, the UNESCO, the International Construction Bank, the International Monetary Fund, etc.

Kinds of conflicts with the Jews
If Zionism has almost dominated the whole world, there are still some good people all over the world to stand face to face to their crimes, cheatings, atrocities, cunningness, terrorism, extremist. There were some people who have made sacrifices to lessen and limit their dirty plans. One of such leading personalities was the American President Franklin who gave a speech in 1779 saying ‘These Jews come to America as poor and naive refugees. Then when they get stronger and stronger they take everything. Such people are blood-suckers, Satans, criminals, etc., Oh, people, you have to expel them from America before it is too late.”Franklin’s statement went with the wind because the Jews bought all the copies of the newspaper that published his speech. Another prominent figure was the American defense minister, James Forstal during the presidency of Henry Truman. He insisted on dismissing the Jews from their high positions in order to refrain from taking actions against the Palestinian issue. As a result he faced a lot of troubles. The “New York Times” owned by the Jews launched an aggressive campaign against him and alleged that he received bribes. Then he had to resign in 1948 and finally he was thrown from his balcony by the Jews. They said he committed suicide. The third figure was the American Vice-President Nekson who criticized the American policy in spending half of the American budget to support Zionism, instead of using it to serve the interests of the American people. The Jews accused him of being an enemy against Semites. So he had to resign and leave the world of politics. To conclude, this account is but a tip of the iceberg. What is hidden is much more. We should remember their master Oscar Livy who said in the beginning of their satanic protocols “We are the Jews, the masters of the world the executioners and leaders of the world.”I wonder when our nation will realize who the Jews are…in order to get ready for the next battle with the sons of pigs and monkeys.