The journey to Iraq [Archives:2005/866/Viewpoint]

August 8 2005

Mohammed Khadir is one of the Yemen Times staff from Iraq who has just returned from a short visit to his homeland. Starting from this issue you will read about his journey and stay and his reflections on what is going on there. As you will read his words it would become clear that what is perceived from an individual's point of view especially one with abilities to analyse and judge for him or herself is very different from what politics and politicians wants to be believed.

While murder becomes a normal event and mothers rock their children to sleep on the sound of bullets and bombs it is interesting how the people survive and still continue their daily lives. “If it does not touch you personally or injure a relative, the event of a bomb exploding right next to you could be forgotten as soon as you walk by from the scene.” He explained when I asked him about safety in Baghdad.

What is worth remembering is how Iraq was the prime of the Arabian countries a few years ago, and this makes me wonder whether the USA politics are still perceived as error-proof or a doubt is finding its way through to the American minds. I say American because the rest of world knows better. I am not anti America, not at all, I just would like the world to be fair and just in the ways the powerful use their power.

Do they want Saddam Hussein back? Would the Iraqi people wish that time reverses so that they choose other options? Mohammed thinks not. “No, I would not think that the people regret getting rid of Saddam, but they do they regret what is happening now and how things turned after Saddam and with the new system control.”

Anyway, that is that I leave you to read through and form an opinion for yourself, and please remember that you are reading a media report of a man talking about a place he still calls home.rn

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