The Kana’an association for PalestineInternational court of justice wins victory for Palestinian people [Archives:2004/755/Local News]

July 15 2004

International justice has secured a victory for the Palestinian people and Palestinian land, as well as for justice by the issuance of the legal opinion of the International court of justice (ICJ). This decision imposes on international conscious a new challenge to resist Israeli resolve, which opposes and denies the international public opinion on this matter.
On this occasion, we call upon the United Nations with its Security Council to adopt the decision of the ICJ. We call for this ruling to be transformed into a binding agreement for the Israelis in accordance with United Nations standards. This can be realized through sending of international peacekeeping forces based on international legitimacy and in accordance with the Road Map for Peace which calls for the establishment of a Palestinian State with its capitol in Jerusalem. This is a prerequisite for a just and lasting peace in the region.
On this occasion, we congratulate the Palestinian People and their leader Yasser Arafat as well as freedom-loving people of the world. We offer our commitment to continue our fight for justice until the flag of Palestine is proudly raised in Jerusalem, the future capital for your free nation.
The Kana'an Association for Palestine thanks our Yemeni people who participated in the Million Signatures Campaign to oppose the separation Wall. The signatures gathered along with a legal dispassion were delivered to the ICJ. We are proud of your efforts and participation in this great victory. This historic victory encourages us to continue our struggle on behalf of the Palestinian people in accordance with international norms through democratic and peaceful means.