The Korean and Yemeni Teams Tied [Archives:1997/45/Sports]

November 10 1997

The national football team presented interesting match and was able to tie with “LG” at the friendly match which took place on Friday in Al-Thawra stadium in Sana’a. Although the Korean team included many professionals from Nigeria, Russia and Turkey as well as the Korean players, but the Yemeni team managed to prevent the Korean offensives and took the counter offensives. The Yemeni team scored their first goal at the first half. After the Korean team had broken through line of defense, the Koreans was managed to score the draw goal at the second half to make it 1-1. This is the first match for the Yemeni team to play with the Korean team taking into consideration that the Korean team is the most advanced among the Asian teams. At the conference which was held before the match, the Korean team stressed that it was looking forward to playing an interesting match, comparable to the good relations level between the two countries. The goal of the team’s visit is to introduce the international company “LG” – formerly called Goldstar