The Legend Grows [Archives:1997/51/Sports]

December 22 1997

K.O.!!! Naz Goes American
Before the match, the American boxer announced that he would defeat Naseem who “should find another job such as a taxi driver or a supermarket attendant.” Just hot air. Under Naseem’s steel fists, which came as a rude “awakening,” Kelly fell unconscious inside the ring much to the chagrin of his fans. Prince Naseem Hamid, the world featherweight boxing champion, defeated the American boxer Keven Kelly with a knockout at the 4th round at their fight on Friday December 19th in the Madison Square Gardens in New York. Kelly had previously lost only one match out of the 50 he played. In addition to IBF and WBO, Naseem achieved another featherweight boxing title, the WBC. Tantalizing sponsorship offers, amounting to $2 million, have already poured in from American companies for every match played by Naseem. Thus, Naseem is on his way to snatch all featherweight boxing titles Only one title, W.B.A, is left for Naseem to pick like a ripe fruit.