The Martyrs’ Saint [Archives:2007/1101/Community]

November 8 2007

By: Fuad Noman
[email protected]


The moments of knell.


The strike of heaven's bell.

As a response to God's call,


Your heart's affluence,

The greatest sacrifice,

As a holy oblation

Earlier than your tranquil flood

To the gardens of the eternal paradise.

On the brink of a blessed day,

Poised, proud

Glorified, glorified,

The honest safeguard.

Time's legend Thou art.

Only your brave heart

Struggled, defended, lionized,


The immortal message.

You dressed the earth's glory

You set the faith reflection

On the flag.

“Allah is the greatest!”

In heaven's meadow and skies,

Rousing cheers

Designed your sacred rest.

The gates of heaven

Hugged God's gift

In a golden shield.

All birds applauded

The knight's accolade

To be

The martyrs' saint.

By the Lord's command,

Thy soul's splendor,

Will always kneel.

All roses will always bloom

And shall never wilt.

The gates of heaven hailed

The greatest guest.

The earth's glory has forever left

Whilst all seas and oceans

Are still in vehemence.

Inglorious scene,

Fiends, ogres

Insincere, insidious insignia,

Such strange savages.

In an abrasive manner,

The rope of veiled abhorrence

Hanged virtue's quintessence.

Justice murdered

On the iniquitous gallows.

Shameful, hateful.

Time without end will curse

The evil souls of those

In that rumpus brouhaha.

Degrading, humiliating, beating

God's values down and down.

In due course,

They will shell out the owed price.

My dignified God,

As a believer in your divinity and dignity,

Grant the martyrs' saint your peace and mercy.


The moments of knell.


The strike of heaven's bell.

Farewell, farewell, farewell…