The Medicinal uses of Attar(2) [Archives:2005/869/Health]

August 18 2005
Bottles contain different kinds of Atter
Bottles contain different kinds of Atter
By Qazi Shaikh Abbas Borhany
Attorny At Law
Member, Ulama Council of Pakistan
[email protected]

Native of Arabia and Indian Subcontinent are counted amongst the most famous users of Attar. Attar has been a part of the cultured lifestyle. History of Yemen provides us details that the celebrated Sulayhi Queen, Syedah Arwa introduced a special variety of Attar which was prepared from mountainous flowers. This was famous so much so amongst the monarch of Arabia that they were waited for the gift of Syedah. Abul Fazal, one of the “Nu Ratan” of the Emperor Akbar mentioned using Attar along with Bukhur and Aloe/Agar sticks burnt daily in gold and silver burners. According to Abul Fazal the barks used in Akbar's time were Sandal, Cinnamon and Aloe. Animal substances like Mushk, Myrrh and Anbar were also used along with Khus, a type of grass and a few other spices. Abul Fazal mentioned flowers like Ghulab, Bela, Chameli, Champa, Maulshri and Rajnigandha along with the roots like ginger. It was Nawab Ghaziuddin Haidar, ruler of Awadh, who prepared fountains of Attar around his bedroom. Those fountains were continuously functioning and created very pleasant fragrance and romantic atmosphere. Art of Attar flourished in Lucknow so much so that with out wear of Attar nobles feel below dignity to appear in any place

Attar is an Arabi word, which meaning \”fragrance