The Minister of Culture Takes Off Today 43 Leading Businessmen Accompany the President to Paris [Archives:1997/42/Front Page]

October 20 1997

Yemen Times learned that the number of businessmen who will accompany President Ali Abdullah Saleh to France has reached 43 leading companies represented by decision-making persons. (Please refer to page 7 for the full list.) It includes big names in commerce, construction, industry, oil & gas, insurance, banking, grain importers, travel & tourism, fishing, courier, and other activities. “We are working hard on specific meetings and substantive talks with our French and European counterparts,” explained Mohammed Hassan Al-Zubairi, Vice Chairman of the General Federation of Yemeni Chambers of Commerce and Industry. He also indicated that the businessmen will cover their own expenses and that they expect no free ride, at any portion of the trip. Mr. Zubairi, commenting on the large business delegation, said, “The President is going to France in the interests of Yemen. We are eager to help him succeed in his efforts,” he added. Also accompanying the President on this visit is a large media group. The official delegation is made up of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Abdul-Kareem Al-Iryani, the Minister of Planning and Development, Abdul-Qader Ba-Jammal, the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mr. Abdul-Malik Mansour, and possibly the Minister of Education, Dr. Yahia Al-Shu’aibi, who is already in Paris, on another job. The Minister of Culture leaves today, Monday, October 20th, ahead of the Presidential deleagation, to join his French counterpart for the official inauguration of the Yemen Exhibition at the Arab World Institute on October 22nd. The two-day working visit (24-25/10/1997) will involve meeting with French President Jacque Chirac, Prime Minister Jospin, and a number of ministers. A gala dinner and a working breakfast will bring together French and Yemeni officials and businessmen for talks. More on Business Page