The Miracle Doctor [Archives:2000/41/Health]

October 9 2000

Nadia Al Saqqaf
There must be an explanation for the miracles Mr. Abdullah Al Dhamari makes happen. He is no doctor or herb specialist. On the contrary, frankly speaking he does not have a degree to which we could relate his knowledge and expertise. However, more than 70 people, have been treated by him, and have become miraculously healthy.
We went to the Old City of Sanaa, Al Zumur Market, to meet with this great yet humble man, to have this conversation with him:

Q: Tell us about your self?
A: I come from Bani Hushais where I was a farmer, before I moved to Sanaa long ago. In Sanaa, I used to work on precious stones ( Al Aqiq Al Yamani) and took it as a profession for some time. Then I took to trading as well and when I discovered my talents in helping ill people to recover I started working on that too, until gradually it became all that I do.

Q: Could you tell us how you discovered your gift in healing people?
A: I used to be very fascinated with a neighbor who works as a bone-setter. And many a time he used to call me and use my help whenever he required. Slowly, I started learning about the human body and nerves through observation and experience. And then I started taking up cases my self. I realized there is a connection between nerves and the back pains or knees or any joint for that matter. And through dedicated work and observation, I came to learn things that enabled me to help curing people without surgery or a drop of blood.

Q: I understand that you had the knack for it.
A: True, especially in the beginning. I used to become so aware of my patients disease until I could feel his/her pain. I rely very much on X-ray in my work. Before I start my treatment, I used to spend hours staring at the film trying to recall the history of the disease. I know how a normal body should look like, and when I see the X-rays of a deviated knee for example, I try to understand what happened so that it became this way. I think of all options in my mind until I finally create a good picture of the situation. Then I start relating the concerned region of the body with nerves accordingly. When I finally understand what is happening and how to bring it back to normal, I start the treatment.

Q: What kind of treatment do you give? And could you help anyone?
A: Basically I work on the nerve system from its roots and joining points. If you imagine the nerves in your body as a tree. You could follow it right from the roots and to the branches. There are accumulating points in which nerves gather in bunches, like in the arm pit, below the neck.. etc. what I do is simply press the nerves in those points according to where it hurts, and slowly get the overlapping of nerves to come back to normal state and automatically the patient becomes better.

Q: Have you not received objections from family, neighborhood, or people in general regarding your profession?
A: Not at all. When people see results in front of their eyes they can not but agree that I have made a difference. Every case has its own treatment and I start only after I have studied the case well. There had been cases of people who came crawling to me, and after I finished their treatment they live a normal life.

Q: What kind of equipment do you use?
A: I am an ordinary man, my resources are limited and I can not use high-fi technology, although I want to. I have heating bags, which I ask my patients to use behind their back or knees. So that they could warm up before the massage sessions. And other instruments send vibrations through massaging the skin and allow the nerves to react to the treatment. And of course my hands.

Q: Is there anything you regret or are angry about?
A: Personally no, but I am very angry with these doctors who claim that a patient could have an extra bone or disc in their body. It is ridiculous! God created us and God is perfect. I believe that those cases which doctors have diagnosed as an extra something are simply normal parts which have gone out of place or have been deviated due to wrong conduct, or bad habits. It should be stooped and surgery is never the solution for back pains or legs or anything that has to do with nerves.

Q: What is your ambition?
A: I wish that my knowledge would reach all the sick people. You see, I myself have a heart problem. And recently I underwent a heart operation and there is no one to take after me in this field. I wish there was someway I could teach this art or find someone to leave this legacy for. I want to help my people in Yemen because I know that although I have cured many, there are so many more waiting. I got calls from the US to go there and utilize my knowledge. I was told that I would be appreciated more there. But I refused because I felt my people need me more.

We also met with different cases which Mr. Abdullah Al Dhamari treated. And we gathered the following information about them:

A woman of more than 40 years has been suffering from pain in her back and hip for more than 15 years. Now the pain has started to spread in her knees and legs. She had gone to many places for medication with no use. Its been 5 days since she started with him and miraculously she is feeling better already.

A young girl of 25 years was sent every where for treatment and underwent more than one surgery. She suffered from back pain which the doctors in Egypt diagnosed as extra bone in the disc which was removed. Even then she did not heal. After 24 sessions of Abdullahs treatment she is fit and fine.

A man of more than 55 years old, had been suffering since long from pains in his legs and knees in particular. The doctors diagnosed it as rheumatism and he has been treated for more than 5 years with no results. After coming to Mr. Abdullah, he can walk normally and lead a happy life.

A lady of 35 years had a crack in her hip bone and tail bone. After getting treatment from Abdullah, she has become completely cured.

One of the most touching cases is that of Mr. Abdulasalam Al Aryani. Hes around 47 and had been suffering for more than 2 years from acute pain in his neck and upper discs. It started by a numb feeling in his arms and legs, ands stiffness in his neck. He could not function properly at all. In fact he had to sleep in a sitting position and move very slowly. He went to Egypt, where he was recommended to go for a surgery which had 85% chances of 85 success. He refused and came back to Yemen to again go to Germany for medication. Again he was advised to undergo the surgery, and by that time he could barely stand and could not move his body flexibly. But the doctor advised him to see a nerve specialist who advised against the operation and hence Abdulasalam had natural treatment for around21 days. he felt a little bit better.
He came back home and tried with natural treatment. He went for massage on a regular basis, but with no use. Doctors themselves told him to give up. Again he was preparing to go abroad for medications when he was told about Mr. Abdullah.
I was desperate, so I did not mind to go anywhere, also I was frustrated and I thought I have tried everything one more try wouldnt make a difference. But just after 5 sessions or so, I began to feel better. And there I saw light. And dropped the idea of going abroad.
In less than one month, Mr. Abdlasalam was running not only walking. People have been astonished, including the doctors who had seen his case. the x-rays prove that I have healed and x- rays dont lie.
Mr. Abdulasalam said.