The moment of truth has come concerning the warDecisive days [Archives:2003/626/Viewpoint]

March 10 2003

This week, a major event will take place in the Security Council in New York City. The US-British-Spanish resolution proposal is to be presented tomorrow for voting, and upon that, the war's fate will be decided.
Even though many Arabs and Muslims hope that the resolution will not pass, it will still not prevent the war from occurring. But if we look at the possible scenarios, we will realize that the US will be isolated if this happens. When most council members refuse to join the US-British campaign, they will be forcing the US to go it alone, unless a crazy decision by the Blair government is taken to join the US any way without international legitimacy.
I remember a few programs I watched on a number of US channels lately calling for the Isolation of France if it exercises its veto power in the Security Council. But if it doesn't need to do so because of lack of majority votes supporting the other side, it is the US which will be isolating itself from the world.
Looking at the global picture we will realize that no matter what reasons the US administration is presenting to justify its war, citizens of the world will still see it as an illegal invasion of another country. Whether people think it is for oil or not is another topic. But the US will be uniting the world against the war, especially if we take into consideration the possible withdrawal of the alliance supporting the US including the UK and Spain because it is difficult to believe that they would go for war without international legitimacy by the Security council, which is the very thing they along with Colin Powel have been calling for on many occasions.
No matter how we see it, it is obvious that tomorrow's vote will be crucial for Iraq, the region, and the new world order. It is quite amazing to see how the US is pushing for this war despite worldwide opposition, and it is also difficult to understand how the US measured the possible risk of involving in such a long-term war against a Muslim nation.
How will it all evolve is truly a mystery.
But all we need to do, is wait and see