The moon is not as you think [Archives:2008/1213/Community]

December 4 2008

By: Enas Al-Radami
[email protected]

The moon is not as you think

So nice and so bright

And lights the night

The moon is between

the earth and the sky

It is lonely and

makes people cry

The moon is not as you think!

The moon is not so beautiful,

But ugly

Many hales in it

And the sun makes it silvery!

The moon is so dark

It can't appear full everyday

Though it is a creature

does thank Allah and pray!

I can't stay here watching

The lonely moon

Oh, my heart resembles

This lonely moon

I thought many times

How the moon would please

The sad eyes

And my heart is not so sweet

but ugly full of blood

And made of a piece of meet!

What makes such a shape

Love and hate

Or cry when we separate!

And, what makes birds fly

And people live and die

I couldn't bear watching

The lonely moon

When it sank suddenly in

The bosom of the sky