The Mosad Returns to Beirut Sharon Underscores His Fear From Justice [Archives:2002/05/Focus]

January 28 2002

By: Hassan Al-Haifi
It is really not hard to understand events in the Middle East, if one would take the time to read a little history and keep up with events as they unfold. For one thing there is a bad guy and an underdog. The bad guy these days is Ariel Sharon with his gang of mischievous thugs and advisers. Of course the badness does not end there, but goes on to include a sophisticated international Zionist establishment that extends to the four corners of the world almost. Where it does not extend to, it has considerable influence.
Regrettably, this villain of the world is being projected in the Zionist dominated Western Media as a defender of his peoples security and all that corny hogwash that the proponents of one of the most dangerous ethnic movements that has ever surface3d since World War II are projecting this sadistic monster as. But to the more aware, this man is out to defy all codes of moral and ethical suasion to instill the bloody hatred that the movement thrives on for its own survival. Admittedly the Zionists are not the only ones OT blame for the predicament that has befallen the Orient. A substantial share of the blame goes to the leaders of the Arab World, who have provided the appropriate atmosphere for Zionism to thrive in their midst, by simply clamping down on their people to the point that they could only watch helplessly as their avowed enemy carries on his bloody rampage in the Holy Land, to the cheers of the international Zionist establishment.
What happened in Beirut last week, with the violent death of Elie Hobeika demonstrates clearly that the Mosad, that dreadful intelligence and subversive organization that has taken the lives of many men and women, who stand as a threat to the Zionist designs for the region, whether Arab or non-Arab. The world should not forget that they have killed some of the great leaders of the world like Count Bernadotte and even Dag Hammarshold, because failed to fall in to the other illusive methods of persuasion that the Zionists usually try OT trap world leaders to submit to, including women, blackmail and bribery, not to mention guaranteed victories in the American elections.
But Why kill Elie Hobeika? Wasnt he after all one of the Israelis best friend and agents in Lebanon, willing to even kill his own blood brothers to appease and get generously paid by the Mosad and Ariel Sharon? The mess in Beirut would not have been even dreamed of, if events elsewhere had not been allowed to revive the Mosads penchant for Lebanese blood, even if it is against one of their most trusted friend! The conscience of the people of Belgium, this tiny member of the Low countries of Europe, have been shaken by all the mayhem, repression and tyranny that most of the population of the world are facing by lustful power hungry men, who see power as a license to unleash their disdain for the rights of people to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit for happiness. This tiny country has said that as a bona-fide member of international community, we are really tired of seeing all the gory pictures of persecution that is viewed on television these days, for the simple reason that there are people in this world, who think that they have a license to step on people, as long as they have the power to do so. We have made persecution against anyone a crime, according to the laws of Belgium, and any citizen of the world should be entitled to bring his case of injustice to humanity to us for perusal, to see if such acts do not represent a crime against humanity. It is about time that oppressed people in the world find an avenue to take their grievances to and seek retribution from all those who hide behind political or economic cloaks to unleash their hatred for their fellow men.
The massacres in the Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps in the suburbs of Beirut, one of many that the Palestinians have faced since the likes of Sharon, have considered it a Godly act to fulfill the Promised Land myth, they have sang throughout the world, to kill men women and children at will one of the greatest mockeries to religious justice we have ever heard about – had almost been erased from the memories of the minds of many people of the world. Even the 400,000 Israelis, who, themselves, took to the streets in protest against the bulldozer, because they could not stomach the ugliness of the mess that Sharon and his erstwhile pal Hobeika unleashed that dreadful night some ten years ago in Bie3rut had forgotten that they have demanded for his removal from the defense Ministry. They went on to elect him to be their Prime Minster, because they realized that their survival called for continued bloodletting, as the Zionist dogma so dictates! So, why kill Hobeika, if he was kind enough to do the bloodletting on their behalf? The Belgian judiciary confronted Hobeika and Sharon. For the first time in history someone was beginning to say, the world just cannot continue to accept the ungodly acts of the Zionists in the Holy Land or anywhere else for that matter. It is time that the truth is revealed to the world. Sharon had thought himself to be completely recovered from the public disdain for his penchant for blood, until the Belgians saw rightly that we cannot have a murderer play the role of a world leader, without being held to account. Of course, the Zionists have always projected themselves as being freedom loving aspirants, seeking to live a democratic way of life and whitewashed themselves with so much do-good imagery that what the Belgians were going after was going OT turn all that public relations polishing campaign into the biggest hoax in history. Of course Sharon understood the implications of this to him, and of course the Zionist establishment saw this as a threat to the Zionist dream altogether. What if the Americans and Europeans start to see that in fact the Zionists are not those friendly guys of the West, they are made out OT be and that all that the Palestinians and the Arabs are saying about them has substantial credibility? The case was building strongly against Sharon and Hobeika wanted to make sure that he does not get the rap alone. Sharon and his colleagues saw the danger in letting Hobeika reveal the truth about the masterminds of the Sabra and Shatilla massacre and thus simply did away with him in the only way they know how: in cold blood. If that is not the truth, then what is the truth, especially if Belgian officials who have seen him were ready to say that Hobeika was a key witness against Ariel Sharon in the case they have against him? It is about time that the other bona fide members of the international community give the Palestinians a chance to show the grave injustice they have been subjected to under the watchful eye of the world and stop allowing the cold blooded war machine carry on mercilessly under the guise of security for the Israeli people, fighting terrorism, protecting democracy and freedom, and all the corny image polishing that hides a very deep criminal element that has a long reach.