The National Library in Aden [Archives:2006/912/Culture]

January 16 2006

Established on October 14, 1980, the National Library in Aden was a gift from Kuwait.

Upon opening, it consisted of the following sections: General (for borrowing), Reference, Foreign reference, Information and microfilm, Personnel administration

Today the library has 12 sections. In 1983, the Yemeni and legal depositing sections opened. Supported by the General Authority for Books, poet Lutfi Aman Hall opened in 2003, containing a number of modern and reference books. A legal hall was approved in 2004, fully supported by the Social Development Fund, and will open formally in March.

The library system provides internal and external borrowing and it is open mornings and evenings throughout the week. Daily visitors total 2,500.

The library contains a total of 38,688 titles and 65,387 copies. There are 13,668 copies of 9,590 titles in the general section and 1,219 copies of 4,593 titles in the children's section. The supply and classification administration section contains 12,596 copies of 4,866 titles and microfilm administration section there are 397 copies of 107 titles.

Additionally, the Yemeni section has 5,889 copies of 2,029 titles. In the Arabic reference section, 6,648 copies of 2,756 titles; whereas the foreign reference section contains 15,410 copies of 12,944 titles. The legal deposit section contains a copy of each of its 177 titles. In Lutfi Aman Hall, there are 6,000 copies of 5,000 titles. Also, there are 1,031,225 copies of periodicals.

Aims of the National LibraryThe National Library is a cultural science institution entrusted to create a wide cultural and national uprising as well as keep historical and official documents.

Its purpose is to obtain all that concerns community's cultural and historical developments, such as books, publications, periodicals, scripts, written and photographed rare films, and keep them for research. It seeks to increase its reserves in a way that achieves its goals, according to library systems. In this regard, the library seeks to build relations with corresponding bookshops in the international and Arab worlds to exchange publications in a way serving both the spread of national culture and enabling Yemenis to benefit from humanitarian heritage. The library also aims to protect the rights of writings, printings and publications, according to deposit law.

Dr. Yahia Al-Shoibi's contribution launched the first effort to rehabilitate the National Library. He offered the library nine air conditioners and seven computers with accessories. He also introduced urgent requirements and furnished specialized books.

Prominent personality Sheikh Mohamed Abdu Saeed Hail Ana'am also made outstanding contributions to the library. He gave 450,000 Riyals, 150,000 Riyals of which was for developing and qualifying the children's library. An internal information network will be financed with 300,000 Riyals, to facilitate readers' quick access to information.

The legal section's information network recently was established and connected with the Ministry of Work and Social Affairs information center.

Among library functions was organizing the first National Book Fair. Fifteen publication houses participated in the fair, which was the first step in paving the way to promote future book exhibitions. The fair also aimed to promote the widespread use of books.