The Netherlands Fellowship Programme [Archives:2004/797/Community]

December 9 2004

The Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP) is a development programme funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs which provides fellowships for short-term and long-term training in the Netherlands to mid-career professionals from 57 countries worldwide, including Yemen. The NFP is administered by The Netherlands Organisation for International Co-operation in Higher Education (NUFFIC).
NFP was launched in a revised form in 2003. The NFP is focused on meeting the needs for further training and capacity building in a wide range of governmental, private and non-governmental organisations. These include educational institutions, planning agencies, ministries, community-based organisations and private enterprises.

Objectives and Target Group
The NFP target group is mid-career professionals who are nationals of one of a preferential group of countries. Yemen is included among these countries. Candidates for an NFP fellowship must be nominated by their employers . These nominations must include a structured motivation or a statement of defined needs. The NFP aims to increase the fellowships' impact by linking them to the institutional development of organisations in the developing world. Fellowships are awarded to individuals, but their training must be within the context of the development of the local organisation for which they work.

Components of the NFP
The NFP offers professionals from developing countries a chance to enrol in international postgraduate degree programmes of one or more years. Programme providers are Dutch organisations.
– Master Degree (Professional – 1 year; Research – 2 year)
– PhD studies
– Refresher courses (for alumni).

The NFP also offers fellowships for professionals to enrol in diploma courses or a course of tailor-made training of one year or less. The course must be provided entirely or partly by a Dutch organisation, i.e. such a programme may include a component of training in the region.
– Short-Courses
– Tailor-made training
The demand for tailor-made training, formulated by the Yemeni organisation, is matched with what is on offer by means of an open-tender procedure. Organisations interested in tailor-made training should contact the Royal Netherlands Embassy or the NPT co-ordination unit for more information.

NFP Priorities and Special Criteria
One of the main priorities of the NFP is that 50% of the awards are to be made to female candidates. Applicants from Sub-saharan Africa also have preferential access.