The New Attorney-General Makes His Mark [Archives:1998/33/Local News]

August 17 1998

Mr. Abdullah Al-Olofi, newly appointed attorney-general, has started to make his mark. His efforts to breathe new life into the meaning of law and order are generating new hope among the people of Yemen.
This week, Colonel Abdul-Wahab Al-Sanabani, Vice General Manager of the Investigations Bureau of Yemen, is now suspended from work and is under interrogation. The charge – violating the human rights of detainees and lack of respect for the law.
Deputy attorneys are empowered to stand their ground in dealing with the military/security officers, tribal leaders, senior government officials, and others who break the law rountinely break. Besides, deputies now visit prisons – check files to investigate the grounds for imprisonment. If there is any discrepancy, prisoners are let out on the spot.
Professor Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf, Chairman of the Human Rights, Liberties and NGOs Committee of the CC, whose office established information sharing arrangements, praised the efforts. He also pledged full support.