The New Cabinet: Optimism and Hope [Archives:2001/17/Focus]

April 23 2001

by Mohamed Kadri
About the formation of the new Cabinet, I had to be patient before writing on it. I have been following events, observing the birth symptoms. I find myself desiring to express some of my ideas which, in principle, makes me satisfied, with the magnitude of change which Yemen is likely to observe.
I do not know all the ministers to pass an opinion. But those with whom I had very close contact. I can draw lines. And to start with, Mr. Bajammal, the Prime Minister, makes me feel that his Cabinet will be active, hard-working and serious. The man has a type of personality who proves himself. He is a strong decision-maker, and will justify his post. As he did with the Yemeni Free Zones Authority, he does his best to create some thing of nothing!
Regarding Dr. Abubaker Alkirbi, he is in the right place. I recall how during only one year, as Minister of Education, he achieved substantial progress in the educational system. He is diplomatic, very polite, well educated, civilized and has an international outlook. No doubt, Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been enriched by a man who fits his chair.
Dr. Wahiba comes as the first female minister in Yemen. Those who know her well can’t deny that this woman is strong and represents ‘the iron-woman of Yemen’. She is a serious, systematic and a firm decision-maker. Human rights are of her prime concerns. At least, she can consolidate the human rights movement, that can stir affairs towards and bitter situations.
Both Mr. Alawi Asalami and Abdulmalek Al-Iryani, are men of responsibility and deserve our confidence. Mr. Hussein Alawadi has proved himself, during his association with Saba News Agency, as a successful information personality and I bet he will do so as a minister. The public opinion, in general, is that the other ministers are educated and are expected to be up to our expectations.
Shall we wait to compare our expectations with our new minister achievement?