The New York Times on the Yemen Times [Archives:1999/10/Local News]

March 8 1999

The New York Times, arguably the world’s most influential newspaper, ran an article on March 4th by Wayne Robins shedding light on how the internet has given us access to newspapers in remote corners of the world. He was pointing to the excellence that now abounds and comes together in the world of media, even from small newspapers. He mentioned several newspapers that are available online.
Here is what he said about the Yemen Times:
“The Yemen Times, for instance, an independent weekly published in Sanaa, the capital, did a resourceful job a few weeks ago in presenting the context for the recent kidnapping and disastrous rescue of British and Australian tourists ( But even more interesting was a deeply personal letter from the paper’s editor, answering a Government accusation that he was ‘working for Western intelligence agencies, international Zionism and the Masonic movement.’ ” Unquote.