The Nile Celebrates Yemen’s Unity Anniversary [Archives:2001/22/Culture]

May 28 2001

The Arab Intellectual Forum in Egypt celebrated on Sunday evening 21/5/2001 the 11th anniversary of Yemen’s unification. The event which took place aboard Assaraya ship in Al-Zamalek and was attended by a number of Yemeni and Arab diplomats, politicians, poets, critics, etc.
Chairman of the Forum welcomed the participants and briefed them on the struggle history of Yemenis until they achieved unity. At the end of his speech he wished Yemen and Yemenis property and progress.
The celebration was managed by Al-Wirdnai Nasif, Editing Manager of Al-Siasy Al-Misry newspaper who presented a collection of verses by him, Al-Baradoni, Abdulrahman Al-Amrani and Nizar Qabbani.
Among the participating poets were also Eyman Al-Akawi Abu Sinnah, Jalal Abdeen, Ameer Abdu Al-Monem, Ahmad Ibraheem, Ibraheem Abu Taleb, Iyhab Al-Shabshi and others. All poems presented what Arabs feel for Yemenis and their unity. Then Singer Manal enchanted the audiences with her melodies voice while singing a number of national songs. Then the 9-year old, Suad Mohammed Taha recited and greeted the forum. Then Judge Mohammed b. Qasem Al-Shami, member of the Supreme Court presented a poet highlighting the bravery of the Egyptians thought their struggle against colonization until they achieved independence.