The Palestinians Carry On Alone, But Not Really Alone! [Archives:2001/12/Focus]

March 19 2001

By: Hassan Al-Haifi
The carnage in Palestine continues as Ariel Sharon proves that he is truly a man of his word and that he will quell the Intifadha, whether anybody likes it or not. Yes, the blood of the innocent children continues to provide color for the television cameras that provide daily coverage of this latest holocaust in man’s history of hatred and needless vengeance. How distressing to see the bodies of children shot in the head being carried daily to their final dwelling, while their helpless mothers look on in amazement at a world that cares more for speechless statues than for the lives of their innocent children who have to go to their graves before they have yet to leave their marks on earth. Yes, it is truly a diabolical world that we live in, where might dictates all the courses for humanity to tread on, while the weak will still have to rely on God’s mercy to give them relief from oppression and arrogant men’s love of blood to reflect their egotistical and chauvinistic drives, because in their hearts there is no room for the love of God or their fellow men. It may be the will of God that it is up to man to see the right course and ordain his life accordingly, but surely God with all his might will not remain with hands tied as this dreaded Zionist carries on the rampage in the Holy Land, with the blessings of the Global Superpower. It may be that all the calamities that are beginning to appear in the West from AIDS to Foot and Mouth Disease, as well as the natural forces of Force Majeure come to light as they unleash God’s fury against a merciless West that condones the acts of an international Zionist mob that seeks to have control over the resources of the world to feed a dangerous and menacing chauvinistic drive that makes the Nazi chauvinism of Hitler seem like child’s play.
But the West is not the only responsible power that blesses this kind of senseless bloodshed. On the contrary, one must look inward for the real blessings that the Zionist cause enjoys in this world. One has to look at the pitiful state of over twenty countries that share the same national, ethnic, religious and language affiliation. All these countries and the people in them have failed to recognize that they are in the end also the victims of this Zionist culture that prevails throughout the world dictating its will over all the people of the Earth. This so that the likes of Sharon can satisfy their passion for the spilt blood and hatred that fuels their quests for power and egotistical mania, with no care as to the ungodly inclinations this implies and the victimization of the innocent children, already living through a life sentence of perpetual siege and living on the crumbs of UNRAWA and the other relief agencies that go no where to providing the relief from the bullets of Israeli marksmen, who have been taught that the only way to shoot is to shoot to kill! But for the rest of the Arabs, themselves living under the perpetual repression of their rulers, there is no hope in providing relief for their brethren in Palestine. With a second Arab Summit in the making now, we have yet to see the fruits of the previous Summit come to bear as the Zionists in the Holy Land carry on their rampage with great indifference to what could ever come out of any Arab Summit meeting. For the Palestinians, there can be no hope from an Arab leadership that has to look elsewhere for guidance to solving minor border disputes among themselves, because they have lost the sense of fraternal ties that bind them together and the sense of justice that Islam is better equipped to provide. How regrettable that these states can spend millions to celebrate events that their very own people have no care for, or find any relevance to, relieving their brothers in Palestine, who are screaming everyday for help from their brethren who cover a sizable chunk of the Earth and who sit atop a pool of wealth that can turn the tide in their favor overnight. How pitiful that the Arab Summit does not stir the fear among the Zionists that one would hope could lighten the carnage somewhat, if not stop it. On the contrary, the likes of Ariel Sharon have got it all made in the Arab world, for most of the Arab regimes have betrayed their national senses and have shifted their loyalties to the perpetual preservation of their rule over their people, without so much as giving a thank you to their people, who let them step on them and eat their bread and pilfer their resources to feed their worldly designs and clamp down on any opposition that may arise to say: “Hey you traitors, have you forgotten who you are and where you came from? Do not your people deserve a little kindness and a lot of freedom? Have you not had enough plunder and power? Is it not time that you show how grateful you are to God and your people for letting you get away with so much?” These are the questions that seem to come out of the common Arab citizens, many of whom can do nothing but shed tears for the plight of the Palestinians and their own plight at the hands of these regimes that have become the masterminds of waste and destruction of whatever hope that the nation has of living a free and prosperous life, given that there is really enough for everyone, if all the resources at their disposal were channeled to upgrade the lives of all the Arabs, and to develop their economies, rather than just to develop the coffers of the rulers and their agents in the Arab world who provide the oppressive machines that keep these rulers at the helms.
To the Palestinians, all we can say is that, oh yes we pity your plight, but really we are helpless, because our rulers have turned the entire Arab world into people seeking to find the basic needs of sustenance, while they lavish on the most expensive cuisine. We are like you, under siege as our leaders placate the West, and keep our hands tied from relieving you against your cancerous enemy. We understand how it is to live under perpetual siege, because we are also under siege, and also very busy celebrating the victories of our rulers against their own kind. We are also looking upward for the relief that will untie our hands, so we can turn to giving you all the support that you need to relieve you from the Zionist menace that may have already have reached us as well through the hands of our very own kind!