The President calls for reconsideration of the Press Law and abolition of imprisonment of journalists [Archives:2004/743/Front Page]

June 3 2004

Hassan Al-Zaidi
The President's decision to abolish the imprisonment of journalists was widely welcomed by private and opposition newspapers following their intense pressure on this subject. The Public Freedoms and Human Rights parliamentary committee has also expressed its support for the decision.
The President, during a meeting with the Minister of Information and official media corporations, confirmed the importance of reconsidering the Press and Printing Law in order to develop and improve the performance of the press profession toward granting more freedom of expression and opinion. The law would include the abolition of the imprisonment of journalists for their opinions. The President said that Yemen has adopted the principle of democracy based on political pluralism and public freedoms, including freedom the press as the choice of Yemenis toward advancement, progress and prosperity.
The President confirmed that the press profession bears an important rule in educating and raising public awareness in elimination vengeance phenomenon and in enhancing safety, security and stability of the country. “A large responsibility lies in the hands of official newspapers and media in setting a correct example of responsibility for other media organizations to follow”, said the President.
The President confirmed the importance for Ministry of Information to reconsider laws in order to meet current developments. He said that he wanted to see tangible changes in the media organizations toward the sought objectives.
Despite the welcome of press circles of the President's decision, some journalists are still doubtful of the intentions of the President, and fearful of other intimidating measures journalists encounter.