The President Starts His  Campaign in a Difficult Time [Archives:1999/36/Front Page]

September 6 1999

The Presidential campaign is going as scheduled, despite all the incidents that are taking place. It seems that the authorities are determined to have this democratic process successful. The campaign of President Saleh has already started strong by visiting a number of provinces, including Hodeidah. 
The official media and press have started the campaign strongly through promoting President Saleh’s achievements through the years, including accomplishing unity, and bringing the democratic process to life, etc. Prime Minister Dr. Abdulkareem Al-Iryani, Vice President Abdo Rabbo Mansour, Chairman of the Consultative Council, and Abdulaziz Abdulghani have all started their allocated duties in campaigning for President Saleh. 
However, Najeeb Qahtan Al-Shaabi seems away from the spotlight. His campaign is not evident. His posters are not available anywhere. His speeches, conferences, activities are not displayed on TV or mentioned in the written press. Many Yemenis are wondering what his campaign is all about. Where and when he is going to give his speeches, is still not known. 
In his last press conference, the President insisted that the elections will be done on time. But the signs of elections are not evident. Perhaps the recent incidents have diverted the attention of the people. Instead of looking after the elections, families are struggling to make ends meet in a difficult time.