The Prime Minister Is on His Way Back [Archives:1998/16/Local News]

April 20 1998

Dr. Faraj Bin Ghanim, the Prime Minister, left Geneva on Wednesday 15th April on his way back to Yemen. On his return travel, the Prime Minister stopped over in Paris for some additional medical check-ups.
Initially, the Prime Minister had been scheduled to arrive in Sanaa on April 16th, the 10th day after Eid Al-Adha, based on understanding with President Ali Abdullah Saleh, prior to his departure. Yemen Times was told that the Prime Minister had called the President to explain that he will be a few days late, given the additional check-ups.
The Prime Minister is scheduled to arrive in Sanaa this week.
Asked about media reports speculating that he is sulking, Dr. Bin Ghanim brushed such stories aside and called them inaccurate. “There is full understanding between the President and myself,” he stressed.
The President and Prime Minister are working on a plan to change some 100 key officials in government including ministers.