The private sector holds conference on human development in Yemen [Archives:2006/947/Business & Economy]

May 18 2006

Mahyoub al-Kamali
The first conference on investment and human development is to be held in Sana'a between 27-29 May 2006. The private sector in Yemen has taken the initiative of holding the conference that is expected to be organized by al-Gubari Investment Group.

The conference aims at the establishment for a new economic stage in both sectors of investment and human development. That is expected to prepare the investment climate and environment leading attraction of many Arab and foreign capitals and preservation of domestic capitals. The conference is to be attended by many local and regional parties.

A press release issued by the organizing group clarified that the event would be as a launchpad that would contribute in the few coming years to the establishment of many huge investment projects of joint Yemeni and foreign capital.

The conference is scheduled to discuss many issues related to investment and the role that government bodies and institutions in Yemen could play for easing the measures presently followed and the legislations facing the investor and his protection, through ” Sana'a Principles Declaration”, particularly investment courts and the one-window system.

It is also expected that the conference would come out with many recommendations towards pushing Yemen inside the circle of world competition among the countries of more attraction of investment.

According to economic reports, the average rate of growth of private investment has witnessed a retreat in comparison with the annual rate of growth for both the general investment and total investment. During the years of the second five-year plan the average of private investment versus the total investment had receded to 57% in comparison with around 59% in the year 2000.