The Process of Change in Yemen [Archives:2001/14/Focus]

April 2 2001

by Mohamed Kadri
T he Yemeni-street is alive about the impending Cabinet reshuffle and the revamp of official authorities in production locations and other departments.
This ‘talk-of-town’ is based on President Ali Abdullah Saleh ‘s statement while speaking to the Egyptian media recently. Frankly speaking, I have felt a sense of optimism among the citizens. In my opinion there is a chance for the leadership to regain the nation’s confidence. I sincerely wish that the leadership would fully utilize this opportunity to repair what time has shattered! People seem to be prepared to turn over a new leaf!!.
However, as a commoner, I fail to predict the extent of the change. By bringing new blood into the administration, are we expected to think that the fresh entrants occupying “High Chairs” have now become grand-fathers, since their names are frequently announced for the key-appointments? Are these personalities to be replaced by the relatives of the same, limited and influential families to lead society?
Will this change spoken about, include ‘forgotten’ technocrats left at their homes? Is it a process to remove persons and officials who always say “consider it done” to those who are promised appointments, while they have been waiting in vain for long years?
The street is really prepared this time. But those thrown in these streets need to survive, need to support their families left behind them, need to restore their rights and dignity.
These people require something called a sense of “belonging” to Yemen!