The Queen of the Time [Archives:2008/1195/Community]

October 2 2008

Fuad Noman
[email protected]

Far above the ground

A marvelous landscape

Revealing an attractive face of faith

On the breathing space,

Only the Sisyphus's Queen

So high, so proud

Awash with the light's grace

Albeit the power of her dream is unseen

The Queen of Time owns

A silver mirror of the sun

Crowning with a stunning glory diadem

Reflecting a sign of justice and freedom

Self-controlled in her shiny surface

Shoving her pace in a safe place

Paralleling to the dove's wings soaring up

To unite the sunlight with the peace sup

In her every day's flight

To the furthest extent

When she repeats her fabulous harmony

She paints the captivating reverie

To celebrate with the dawn's rays

Dancing with the oceans and seas' waves

What a marvelous ballet of love light!

Bringing together the sunny fun

To the wonderland

In a gloomy weather

Over and over again

The deep ocean becomes a renegade

Aligned with the treacherous seas

Whilst he increases his spirits of rage!

She mails an awesome passion garland

To seize his furious rouse

Dropping the charms of rain

To dye his davenport

With the silky rose

At the last moments of the sunset

She wears a nuptial golden dress

She always looks so shy

She never owns a doubled face

Behind the quiet twilight

The Queen conceals

Her inflammable whine

To forget her time's sighs

Relaxing on the cushion of skies

Sipping the divine wine

At the back of the heaven's veil

The moon is wondering:

On the globe's theater

A violent conspiracy

The travesty of humanity

Oh Man “Why do you make and tell lies?

Lie has an ill-intentioned delight

It has a tasteless appetite

How can a fox ride a horse?

It is a dirty game of hoax

Bear in mind