The Republic Cycling Championship in 25th Feb. [Archives:1999/06/Sports]

February 8 1999

The Yemeni Cycling Association (YCA), approved in its meeting last week the holding of the cycling championship, which will be held in Taiz governorate in 25th Feb. The YCA is keen to develop and spread the game in all the governorates. Many participants from different governorates such as Sana’a, Aden, Lahje, Hadarmout, Taiz, Ibb, and Damar will take part. Abyan governorate is disqualified, for not holding the pre-qualifying rounds. A committee was appointed to prepare for the finals. The committee is headed by Mr. Mohammed Aidros (President), Mr. Ali Al-Swary(Vice President), Mr. Ali Al-Hadda(head of Technical Committee ), and Mr. Tareq Al-Said(head of Financial Committee).