The Right to Reply [Archives:1999/49/Local News]

December 6 1999

In its issue on Nov.29, 1999, Yemen Times published a news item on its second page titled “European Warning Against Yemeni Insurance Companies” which was based on sources from the Yemeni Chamber of Commerce.
The newspaper received a message by fax from the second secretary for Commerce at the British Embassy/ Sana’a denying the information contained in the news item and quoting the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce as saying that “The allegations are unfounded.”
In the Chamber’s fax it is stated that “The Arab-British Chamber of Commerce has not and cannot make any changes concerning the insurance of exports. Insurance arrangements are a matter between the exporter and importer and should be arranged according to the agreement between the parties, letter of credit, contract conditions and/or the regulations of the importing country where applicable. The Arab-British Chamber aims to equally promote and encourage visible and invisible trade in both directions.”