The Right to Respond Yemen Times article on the Presidential Race [Archives:1999/32/Local News]

August 9 1999

With reference to your article published in issue 31 page 1, we would like to draw your attention to the following facts:
a- You wrongly assumed that “there will be little competition between the two candidates.” This is a baseless assumption that ignores to two clear facts: 
1-The election campaign has not started yet, so you have contradicted yourself in the same article.
2- Mr. Al-Shaabi has been interviewed by several respected newspapers, local and Arab, and in all interviews he has shown seriousness to compete in this historical, first direct presidential election.
b. You referred to unpublished survey and claimed results accordingly. Such an attitude is politically motivated and in direct contradiction with scientifically accepted survey methods, if such survey exists at all.
c. This venture is very unfortunate from a newspaper which claims to support the democratic process.
Rather than publishing results before the survey itself, your readership deserves a better and more honest treatment. .
d. Your imaginary results are in direct conflict with reality and common sense.
1- You claimed that the “general public” is not satisfied with the unknown second candidate Mr. Al-Shaabi. 
2- You claimed that “he has shown neither willingness , sincerity, nor seriousness”, and 
3- You assumed that people feel the candidate “is not willing to put up a fight.” 
Any observer will easily reject such an unscientific approach.
We have always considered Yemen Times as a ” level playing field” and taking a scientific approach. We hope that Prof. A. Aziz Al-Saqqaf’s values will be maintained and defended.
Please publish the above reply in your next issue in the same page and letter type in accordance with press and publications law.
From the Preparatory Committee for Najeeb Qahtan Al-Shaabi Election Campaign: Dr. Saadalden Talib