The rising eagles [Archives:2003/649/Culture]

July 10 2003

By Alawi Abdulla Abu Bakir Taha
One Dark Angel copyright 2003
Singer, songwriter, UK
[email protected]

By the stars and the angels that fly
By the sweet Yemeni Youth that learn to laugh and cry
By the moon that shines its radiant light
By the Lord who controls everything with His Might

By the cold breeze that touches your face
And the last jigsaw in our lives that come into place
By my fellow men and women that race
Against time and into life's great maze

By the autumn, winter, summer and spring
By the birds that come to sing
By the good will men and women bring
By the glory of Allah, Mighty is He, the true King

I say to England! We came from Yemen
Some from Sanna and some from Aden
And many started with nothin'
To see they're dreams paint the horizon
Like Queen Sheba and king Solomon

Great walls I see and I shall bring them down
Come, let them build more and watch them crash to the ground
Knowledge is my shield and mighty is my pen
For here stands before you a poet from Yemen

Great words do many weave and lies do they plough
On the canvas of our children's mind and they don't know
Of the consequences of ignorance but I will show
The beauty of Yemen when I open the great window
To let the light, the light, the light shine through!

Nor man or woman has given me an education
Nor an atom of knowledge came from this system
But see then the might of my pen
See this oh children of Yemen
See how I bring walls crashing down as stars dance in the horizon
See how one from a country called Yemen can be born with such skills
If they ask about me! Tell them 'he is one of the Rising Eagles!'

Born to rise and fly free
And those of courage walk with me
And those who want to pave their destiny
And make every Yemeni Youth walk and stand free

Ask them! Who has the passion?
To paint a great dream in the horizon?
So they speak of the nobility of the next generation?
Our legacy reaching our motherland – Yemen?
Show me who the real women and men
Of Sanna or Aden!

Tell them to come! Come and walk with me
Come! And walk with a Rising Eagle and set your mind and soul free!
Come! And let us with the might of the pen, unite and paint a great destiny
Share our skills within this country, our people and each and every community
Come if your words are true but stay where you are, if you're words are empty
Many are those who desire a journey
To fill their own belly
Come to me if you are true to the cause to help our community
Show yourselves if you are a true Yemeni!