The Road AheadAny more complains? [Archives:2003/645/Business & Economy]

June 26 2003

Raidan Al-Saqqaf
I receive many emails from many readers and employees complaining about their own clueless managers, people who, according to the emails, always get promoted way beyond their level of competence, especially if he is a relative of the “Big Boss”, this relative might not even know the ABCs of Management, yet they are the managers, like it or not!
Managers are of three types, those who get short, term results and do not have a clue where they are going to take the company in the future, those who have a great ten-year plan but are going to be out of business in ten months, and finally, those who can get short term results in conjunction with a vision for the future, but unfortunately, these people are in very short supply.
Not only that, but those clueless managers have many practices that are annoying to employees, one of those emails I received said: “One fine day our boss decided to promote the most incompetent employee in the department because this guy had no valuable knowledge so he wanted to get rid of him. Not only this, but ironically this is the way my boss originally got promoted! This is what I'd like to call “Idiots promoted to management”.
The problem isn't only with promotions, mind you, it is deep-rooted in many other aspects of management, take training, although it is very important and critical especially in a country like ours, where we need highly skilled people, but guess what? It isn't the good employees or the ones with potential who get the training, it is the lazier, the most insignificant and of course, the boss's good friends and relatives, so it isn't training anymore, it's more like sometimes off, or maybe a holiday!
Just like it's always been in Yemen, everything goes against the rules of nature; where the weakest or slowest deer is hunted by tigers, thus ensuring survival of the fittest. However, we systemically promote the least competent and hard working employees (promoting idiots, as the email said).
So what else is annoying? Let me tell you another story, Mr. A is the Chief accountant in XYZ limited, according to the rules of accountancy, the boss doesn't have the right to withdraw the company's money and put it in his own interest account, yet it does happen sometimes, never mind that, but does he have the right to put the employees' salaries in his bank account for an additional month? Saying that the company is facing some financial difficulties.
I can keep on talking such and such until forever, and I know in our country, I will never run out of such ” Bad Boss” material, especially with those emails I receive from disadvantaged employees with annoying bosses.
Endnote: No management skills? We can live with that, trying to outmaneuver those who have management skills? Maybe in your own organization, but at least do not promote any more idiots!