The Road AheadIntelligent strategizing [Archives:2003/634/Business & Economy]

May 5 2003

Raidan Al-Saqqaf

Many wonder, how the best do it? When it comes to business, what sets the bar of success? And more importantly; those who reach it, how do they do it? The answer lies in a simple concept; intelligent strategizing!
A strategy is the grand plan which you lay down and follow while you are doing business, a strategy is developed because you have competition with which you share resources and target similar segments of customers. There are three key players in formulating a business strategy, i.e. the business itself, the target customers, and the competition. Usually the broad objective of any business strategy is to achieve better performance through gaining a competitive edge above the competition. But how do successful people do it? Read on.
Successful businessmen know that it is critical to ensure that the strength points and competitive assets of the organization are set to match the needs of the targeted customers, in other words the organization has to improve its matching to it's customers' needs and offer them more value than the competition. They also have to ensure that the target customers are able to see the difference between them and their competition, so that they can make the best suitable choice.
Nevertheless, most organizations know this and try to adopt such strategies, i.e. to ensure positive matching of customers' needs with organizational objectives, but how does the BEST do it? According to Marcus Buckingham, the Best managers emerge by first breaking all the rules and ignoring conventional wisdom; they create their own revolutionary management wisdom, for example they do not help a person overcome his weaknesses, in fact, they help him in bringing out the natural talents barred in him.
We know now how the successful do it and how the best do it, but how to be better than the best? To be better than the best demands discipline and focus, and above all intelligent strategizing, i.e. the ability to lay down breakthrough strategies, to set up trends and harvest them, to formulate intelligent brand building, to amuse and arrest the customers, to break the norms and shock the competition, with the help of an intelligent strategy.
An intelligent strategy is one that allows you to synchronize your organization's resources and competitive assets, with the help of unconventional wisdom that can offer you insights into ideas that cannot emerge with typical strategies, you have to break the rules that you follow while formulating your strategies to come up with a new and intelligent strategy that synchronizes your resources better.

Endnote: The successful try to create a competitive edge over their competitors, the best try to be innovative and make unconventional solutions, and to be better than them you need an intelligent strategy that can synchronize.