The Road AheadIt’s all about money [Archives:2003/635/Business & Economy]

May 12 2003

Raidan Al-Saqqaf
It is always about money. Success can be in terms of money, growth can be in terms of money, even sometimes satisfaction can be in terms of money, and the corporate world is no exception; money or profits is what differentiates the winners from the losers, and gives impressions about organizations which are most likely to prosper tomorrow and those who aren't likely to make it.
Basically, organizations are nothing but a number of people, who get paid to work together towards one common objective, which is to keep their organization profitable. Of course, these people have a manager whose responsibility lies in making them perform according to the desired standards. On the other hand, the employees know that the manager's job is to keep them focused towards their work, not to help each person grow.
As a consequence, employees just like any other human beings have the desire to grow, even if that meant they have to give up their current jobs and move on to another, which gives them more in terms of money, personal growth and satisfaction.
However, successful managers and organizations understand this kind of behavior and in order to retain their best employees they provide them with opportunities for growth within the organization, for instance promotions and special projects. In fact, putting employees' personal growth in consideration can be a factor in organizational growth; through creating challenges for employees, challenges that if the particular employee or team meets, he may be promoted, and hence have a better chance for personal growth.
In addition to that, encouraging personal growth within the organization can create great opportunities for business expansion and diversification, and if the employees know that there is a good opportunity for personal growth in such a challenge; they would marshal their best possible performance towards excelling in that, because they feel there are other positions in the organization where they can perform better and build on their unique talents.
And so, it is important that managers show their employees that there isn't a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow so that they keep on shifting from a job to another and a company to another until they arrive at it, in fact, they have to assure them that the rainbow itself is the gold, and this rainbow is the organization; every time they excel in meeting their challenges, they gain more in terms of personal growth, and, of course, money!
In conclusion, money can be the greatest motivator for your employees, but it should be the reward they get only after excelling in meeting their challenges, because their personal growth should be a result of organizational growth.
Endnote: People want to grow, help them grow through your organization by creating challenges, which motivate them to work better, and in turn help the organization prosper.