The Road AheadNo jobs? Read this! [Archives:2003/642/Business & Economy]

June 19 2003

Raidan Al-Saqqaf
In spite of the few vacancies available in our market, many businessmen complain that there isn't enough viable application, in other words, they have a good job to offer, and it's just that there are too many lousy job applications!
The problem lies in two things: the first is that there aren't enough qualified people in our labor market, and the second one is that even if they are available they cannot write a good CV! Anyhow, in this column I will present you with a few tips that will help you while hunting for a job.
Point 1: Believing in your capabilities; never set unreasonably high standard for yourself that might even rank you less even if you are the best, because you might undersell yourself.
Point 2: Every person you know is a link in a network, make sure that you ask everyone you know while job hunting.
Point 3: Make good use of your CV, through highlighting your experience at previous jobs and the skills and knowledge gained from these jobs.
Point 4: Have a “Can Do” attitude; never say “I've never done that” but say ” I can do that” or ” I can learn to do that”.
Point 5: Calling to check on them instead for waiting for them to call you, but never pester a hiring manager; I mean a friendly inquiry once a week or so, checking for updates and offering new information, of course, this is unless they tell you “Don't call us, we will call you”.
Point 6: Try not to be everything while applying for a job; this shows only your desperation for a job and do not try to be very accommodating.
Point 7: Negotiate salary, Benefits and working conditions, because both job satisfaction and money rewards are equally important, as well as benefits such as bonuses and vacations, etc.
Point 8: Find out why you weren't hired; it is always a good idea to follow up on an interviewer and find out why you weren't hired, it gives you tips for your next interview and improves your interviewing skills.
Endnote: try to ignore the normal channels if you could; try to find other ways in which you do not compete with other candidates, but always remember, improve your CV, people judge a resume by its cover and if your CV was lousy, you may never get a good job.