The Road AheadYT: A triumphant communication medium [Archives:2003/640/Business & Economy]

June 9 2003

Raidan Al-Saqqaf
Who cares about second bests? Almost nobody. That's why the Yemen Times is the most favorable newspaper to its readers and clients, not only because it's a leading , but also because it is the best. Its independent opinion helps in providing its readers and clients with accurate news every Monday, and now on Thursdays too. YT is considered one of the best and most effective media for communication and advertising, as rated by its clients, for over twelve years.
Lately, The Yemen Times has been following the strategy of bench marking and creating milestones; YT always comes up with new and innovative materials to satisfy every need its readers and clients have. Covering a wide area of interests along with global news; YT has been raising the bar for other Yemeni media in its way to meet the standards of the best international newspapers.
That's another reason why businessmen and organizations associate themselves with the Yemen Times they clearly understand and appreciate the role YT plays in the market, reaching out to tens of thousands households through the hard copy in Yemen and neighboring countries, and to hundreds of thousands on-line throughout the globe. Yet advertising in the YT is considered an important asset because marketing is basically a battle of perceptions; and through the YT it is easier to get into the minds of customers and convince them that you are the best if you are associated with the best, because who cares about second bests while you have the best at hand? and now, twice a week.
The secret behind the paced success of the Yemen Times is the concept of bench marking; to establish the difference between the YT and “second bests”, a difference not only in the accuracy of the news and reading material, but also through reach, article ratings and feedback (which is very critical), in order to help us in setting the highest possible standards. In addition to that, the competitive advantage of the Yemen Times is its ability to create a synergy of ideas, unlike copycats, our process of idea generation involves comparing what other international newspapers do well in conjunction with our own ideas and processes, and sometimes borrow and invent elements that would help us in replacing any current process with a better one, all in order to improve the newspaper between your hands.
Thus far, It is one of the golden rules of doing business is “Either Get better or get beaten”, and coping with change is very critical for business survival, and the news business is no exception; journalists and editors have to work extremely hard to meet tight deadlines, and now publishing the YT twice a week doubles pressure over the staff of the Yemen Times, even thought they are very talented at their work, they are still human, so bare with us, dear reader, and look forward to many more pleasant surprises from your favorite biweekly.