The role of youth in Yemen’s development [Archives:2006/957/Community]

June 22 2006

Saeed Bahashwan
Teacher of English
Al-Ahgaff University
Abumus'[email protected]

I think youth is the first and the most important kind of people who are responsible to develop their countries. They can play that role in many ways. They can develop education, beautify the surroundings, provide social services, try to prevent corruption in all fields, and spread the work ethics such as punctuality, sincerity, honesty .etc. They can also give a helping hand to bring under control terrorism, and to promote tourism, broaden world views, rational scientific attitude, and a saving mentality, which will help economic growth.

The youth should play a major role to develop all aspects of life in Yemen. Education in Yemen needs a lot of hard work to be improved at all stages and for all kinds of people. It should be improved in primary schools, secondary schools, and higher education centers (institutions, universities tc). Education for women should be encouraged and improved and should not be restricted. The youth should also improve literacy by promoting local libraries, keeping and circulating good books, and spreading the importance of education among the people. They should try to modernize the system of education in Yemen so as to put it on a par with international standards.

The youth are supposed also to improve and beautify the environment by removing the waste disposal and the flow of dirty water (sewage system) and also by guiding people in a persuasive way to put the rubbish and waste materials in their right places to keep their environment clean. People may be asked to try to cooperate with each other to share the expenses of keeping their surroundings clean and beautiful. Planting is a good way to beautify the surroundings, but also water is a precious thing, so, the youth should take care of planting those kinds of plants which require little water so as to preserve water which is becoming less and less, and at the same time to beautify the surroundings. They should also try to teach people to be aware of the fact that the surroundings have to be kept clean and beautiful for a healthy Yemen.

Social services must not be ignored by the youth. They should encourage and develop those services in all ways. By social services, the youth can provide help for those old sick people (men and women) who need our care. The children who are really poor and needy should be helped by paying the fees for their studies and providing them with shelters and food, for example. Health consciousness can be developed through social services.

The youth have to spread the message that smoking, for example, is very dangerous not only for those smoke, but also for those who are near them.

They should help the smokers to avoid and stop smoking for their good and others good as well. Moreover explain to them the health hazards.

Corruption is spread everywhere in the country, thus, the youth have to do something about it. We find corruption in all fields, such as, education, employment, transportation tc. People accept bribes for offering services. People in high positions in the country spend a lot of in wrong places and situations.

These things affect the economy of our country. They also affect tourism and investment in Yemen. So, the role of the youth here is to try to prevent corruption so as to keep the country clean slowly but steadily, for example, by making awareness campaigns to show people the ill effects and dangers of corruption for the economy of their country. They should also make all efforts to find solutions for it.

Work ethics are very important things to be spread among people. It can be a good check for corruption. Therefore, the youth have to spread the value of ethics, such as, punctuality, sincerity, efficiency, honesty tc, among all.

All these will make people to be honest and sincere in their work, and will encourage them to refuse bribes. It may prevent all other kinds of corruption. If each person keeps his work ethics, he will fulfill and do his duties in a better manner. In this way, the country can be improved and developed slowly.

Another hard duty of the youth is to bring under control terrorism. They can spread the importance of peace and unity for progress among the people and try to help them to get rid of the ill thoughts and views so as to promote balanced and healthy views.

The youth should also take care of and promote tourism. Tourism is very important for us and a good source of income. They can try to design and establish festivals, set museums, and create all kinds of tourist attractions and facilities in the country.

Finally, the youth can try to promote a broader world view. They can promote a rational scientific attitude, and develop a saving mentality, which can help economic growth of our country.

Thus, the role of the youth in the development of Yemen is very important. The youth should spread the new thoughts and ideas in the country. The government should give the youth the opportunity to play their role in developing their country. It should provide all that they need to play that role, such as, the tools, financial help, and moral support and so on. The government should not do anything to restrict their movements and thoughts so as to enable them to perform their role in a good and useful manner. Really the future of the nation is dependent on the youth. They can make it or mar it.