The Second League of the Basketball Championship Kicks off on January 28 [Archives:1999/03/Sports]

January 18 1999

The basketball league’s second leg is to start on January 28 up to March 28 with the participation of ten teams in the excellent division, following a compulsory suspension due to the delay in paying financial dues and the start of the holy month of Ramadhan. 
The first leg’s 45 matches witnessed hot competitions that ended with the Yarmouk club winning first place with 25 points, followed by Mina’ with 23 points, Ahli Sanaa with 23 points and Hilal with 23 points also. Apparently, the championship will not get out of the hands of those four teams while Wehda and Ahli Taiz will struggle to remain in the excellent division. The results have shown the deteriorating skills of the other teams of Tilal, Shaab Ibb and Shamsan. 
The first leg matches have displayed a clear improvement in the performance of Hilal, Ahli Sanaa and Yarmouk while Mina’, champion of last year’s tournament, was not in its usual mood and lost two matches against Hilal and Yarmouk. Yarmouk’s performance was also not convincing in its latest matches which paves the way for Ahli Sanaa and Hilal to occupy the top spots due to their stable performance unless Mina’ and Yarmouk had benefitted from the temporary stoppage in improving their skills.