The Second Orphans Festival Kicked off [Archives:1999/39/Reportage]

September 27 1999

Yasser M. Ahmad,
Yemen Times
Orphans are the group which suffers a lot in childhood society. They never feel the sympathy of motherhood and fatherhood. Therefore, they live in a chronic miserable condition. Being threatened by numerous dangers, they seek for kind and warm hands which can relieve their suffering. They look here and there to find merciful hearts and generous hands, which may safe them from their misery and reduce their melancholy.
The Charitable Society for Social Welfare organized the Second Orhpans Festival from 21- 22 September, that may help reducing the suffering of those people. The event was attended by President Ali Abdullah Saleh and other government officials. The President, Dr. Tareq Sinan Abu Luhoom and Dr. Hameed Zabarah delivered speeches, which expressed their good faith towards orphans. A sketch was performed by some of the orphans which revealed how much they suffer. The perormance was highly admired by the audience for it could attract their sentiments. Sheik Yoseif Al-Hajer, from Kuwait has delivered a speech on behalf of the guests.
There were some researches which being discussed in the festival, which can be mentioned as follows:
1- ways and means of research for all information concerning orphan, offered by Makah Charitable Society. Its objectives were the required information of orphan in research means, the ways on which the information can be transferred in a real picture and the means of preparation that must have a less cost.
2- resources of orphan financing, offered by Al-Fojairah Charitable Society. Its objectives were how to work and support finding additional ways for orphan financing, contacting and persuading the financers to support orphan.
3- discussing the possible ways through which orphans can be live in collective dwellings, offered by Qatar Charitable Society. The discussion was concentrated on the healthy and educational care and cultural activities.
4- the active participation which may help developing the economical and social sides for orphan’s family, suggested by Do’aej Khalaf Al-Sha’mmari, the general manager of Asia Moslems Committee – Kuwait. The objectives discussed orphans’ rights, the problems which the orphan’s family suffers from and training the volunteers from men and women who can take care of training orphans’ families on how can they face the challenge and difficulties of life.
There are a multiple activities for the society including the healthy services as the society carrying out the healthy projects in the rural areas. The society offers the precautionary treatments against the contagious diseases. It also organizes a different camps which implement qualified courses for orphans in different fields as weaving hands ,embroidery and memorization of Qur’an. It also support the small limited projects, and help poor people of getting marriage in all governorates of the Republic. Adopting school bag for more than 64,000 student, which may help reducing the big costs for the their poor families.
Giving the healthy services for women sector. This is represented by some hospitals as Al-Omm hospital.
The aim of the orphan annual festival is to deepen the social cooperation amongst the society, reminding of the orphan’s social suffering and their healthy problems. It also aims at organizing many festivals which keep on supporting orphans. This Charitable Society aims at adopting and financing more than 2000 orphan in all governorates of the republic.