The Second Round of the Excellent Division Football Starts on May 27th [Archives:1999/19/Sports]

May 10 1999

After a meeting held last week between the deputy minister of Youth & Sport and a number of senior sports officials, and Ali Al-Ashwal, Head of the Football Union and some of the Union members, all parts agreed on the importance of proceeding with the Excellent Football League. The scheduled start of the second round is May 27th. 
The Football Union is preparing to start the league on time, but they are expecting to delay the matches of some teams who have more than two members participating on the Olympic team, which is currently training in Kuwait. The decision to cancel the League, which was made by the Yemeni Football Union after its meeting with the teams representatives, frustrated the fans, as well as the teams which had done extremely well in the first half of the tournament.The main problem was the limited budget of the league, even though it is one of the major sports activities held in Yemen and concerns many people in the country. 
The Ministry of Youth & Sports said that it will try to solve the financial problems which some of the teams face, in order to assure the continuation of the football league for the 98-99 season. The season was stopped last December, with Ahli Sanaa on top at the time. They have been demanding the continuation of the league. Mr. Hussein Al-Ahjari, deputy administrator of Al-Ahli club in Sanaa,s said that the decision of league to continue was very popular with the football fans. This decision also gave all the players their chance to improve their performances, and strengthen the Yemeni football team with new players from inside the country. These players wouldn’t have a chance to develop without the league.